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E-Learning v/o’s?

E-Learning voiceover? Relax. You’re in safe hands‚

Online learning is booming and we’ve been lending voice to e-learning programs since the beginning. From high tech to hairdressing, from heavy industry to degree level maths, we’ve recorded literally thousands of hours of e-learning narration.

It’s a bit of a niche skill

You’re acting as a tutor and companion to a single learner and she’s only two feet away. Sometimes you’re even talking directly in her ear. You have to appear expert in an unfamiliar topic, deal with endless jargon, wade through very long scripts and still be consistently good company.

And we love it

You can book one of us or split the load between us both. We consult with you, record the audio here to broadcast quality, split and name the files just how you want and deliver via FTP.

Find out more and check out loads of demos on our dedicated e-learning voiceover website: